About Us


"QUALITY, SERVICE & INNOVATIVE for Satisfying All Your Lubricating and Engineering Needs" has been TECHSONS’s focal point since its establishment in January 1995, TECHSONS is a specialist trading company dedicated to the field of metalworking, maintenance, engineering and industrial lubrication.

Our History

From January, 1995

For many years, TECHSONS has offered its experience and professional services to solve all types of industrial lubrication-related problems. TECHSONS stocks and distributes the widest range of “ Advance Technology Lubricants & Chemicals” from world renowned industrial lubricant manufacturers. We are proud to be in partnership and working closely with our line of agencies. Which produces more than 3600 different lubricants, greases and specialty maintenance chemicals to meet today’s challenging and changing economic market needs.

Why Us

TECHSONS’s customer service professionals are committed on strong technical support to our customers. A technically well-trained marketing & technical sales team provides the necessary back-up to help customers gain the best possible benefits obtainable through proper selection and application of our products. Consistently provides on time delivery, ready and willing to furnish detailed information on lubrication-related product to assure our customer of our best attention at all times.

Our advantages

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leading distributor company and a highly reputable supplier, in the field of metalworking lubricants, industrial, lubricants, maintenance & specialty chemicals in the country.

Our Mission

TECHSONS is committed to deliver the highest quality products with value-added service at competitive prices in order to meet the customer’s needs and fulfil the total customer’s satisfaction.

Our Core Values

  • To share the innovation knowledge, ingenious solutions, information and experience with our customers in the field of lubrication engineering in order to optimize greater cost savings for our customers.
  • To value our customers highly and to offer our uncompromised services to the best of our ability.
  • To value always the promotion of friendly. co-operative, commitment and loyalty of our staff.
  • To concern for the environment by offer Ecolonomy-Solution Lubricant to protect our mother earth.
  • To continue its efforts to be a contributor to the society our nation and the world.

Our Corporate Philosophy

" A Customer Brings Us One Step Further Every Day "

For us you are always a VIP.
We are not the oldest lubricant supplier, and certainly not the biggest – but for you we want to be the BEST one.